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Sinmag Slicer-Cake Slicer CT-808

HS-3 and HS-3S are horizontal slicers mainly used for hamburger and cake cutting. The products are transported to the blades by the conveyor belt.

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Features:  Both CT-808/808T work on flat sponge cake and round birthday cake.Sponge cake size less than 400mmX600mm, birthday cake size less than 14″ and height less than 100mm. CT-BOB cuts into square and rectangular cake, and CT-808T cuts into square, rectangular and triangular with dimension and quantity set in PLC control.With customized PLC control by Siemens. Chinese, English and other languages for choice.Food grade blade allows heating and speed adjustableAll cakes are cut neatly with less crumb. Crumb is well collected by designed Pod Receiver. Machine is out of stainless steel and fixed with safety cover, meeting safety and sanitary request. Standard machine provides one piece of 400x600mm plate for sponge cake, and one piece of 14” plate for birthday cake. All plates are out of Acrylic. High bright blue display screen, operate positions and trouble shooting are displayed on the screen, simple and easy to handle.