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PowerGranules Original

Use PowerGranules with Granuldisk pot washing machines for a tested and tried guaranteed top wash result. Top up regularly to maintain impeccable wash results.

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The PowerGranules Original brand has undergone thousands of hours of development and testing to attain the exact right properties. As a result, the Granules have the exact right shape and density to give a satisfactory wash result in use with Granuldisk pot washers; hard enough to clean effectively, but at the same time soft enough not to damage the goods or the wash system.

The material in PowerGranules has been approved for use in contact with food, and is also harmless to ingest. PowerGranules will last on average 2 500 cycles, depending on the most frequent wash cycle, machine type, and wash ware. Clean up to 20 000 GN 1/1 containers with one batch.