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PowerGranules BIO

PowerGranules BIO is the name of the new granules, optimized to be used in Granuldisk pot washers. Pure power – eliminating pre-washing forever. All while being kind to the environment.

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PowerGranules BIO is biobased and made from three main ingredients: calcium salt, rapeseed oil and a combination of biodegradable esters.The granule’s special composition gives it the right characteristics; hard enough to remove even baked-on food, but soft enough not to harm your cook ware: and, of course – biodegradable.

PowerGranules BIO will last for 2.500 cycles in average, depending on  the most frequently used wash programme, pot washing model, and your wash ware.

Worn out PowerGranules BIO are recycled as combustible waste. The packaging is made from 40% recycled material (Polypropylene) and can be recycled as plastic waste.