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Granule Smart+

Front loaded Granule Smart+ is a match made in heaven for kitchens with a broad variety of wash
ware. It is blessed with dual power: Plus mode for crockery, glass and plastic ware, as well as Granule
Technology™ for pots, pans, chicken grids, and other items that need an extra boost.

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Granule Smart+ is a perfect fit for kitchens with a broad variety of wash ware. Blessed with dual power and efficiently combines the award-winning efficient Granule Technology™ with regular dish washing technology. Patented automatic basket detection recognizes which basket is loaded and selects the right wash mode for you – PLUS mode for plastic ware and crockery, while pots, pans, chicken grids etc. are washed with Granule Technology™.

Granule Smart+ is suitable for kitchens preparing between 400 and 1,500 meals per day, depending on preparation and distribution processes.