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Granuldisk washing solutions for your kitchen

GRANULDISK is a Swedish innovation and has been in the international market for nearly 32 years. It has a presence in Europe, East Asia, Middle East and now in India also.

Granuldisk`s pot washing  technology does not need pre-washing , soaking and scrubbing of pots. It uses Power/Bio Granules that blasts pots and pots with very high hit rate and that is a technology differentiator !

It provides  pot washing solution for large commercial kitchens that achieves perfect hygienic washing of pot & pans and at the same time results into  70-90% savings in water, energy, chemicals & manpower used. 

Granule Maxi machine model is suitable for food factories and central kitchens, large staff canteens serving up to 3000 meals per serving. View all Granuldisk products

The benefits of their technology are:

1.Hygiene – Top level of hygiene compared to any other washing method, all washes are as per HACCP standard, DIN and NSF standards.

2. Health – Reduces the risk factor of health by eliminating heavy lifting of pots, pans, as well as it improves the condition of Sanitization the pot wash area which result in good health and safety of workers.

3. Sustainability  – Due to differentiated technology there is a huge savings of water, energy, chemicals & labour. This very well supports sustainability efforts of organisations and leads to economic savings to the extent of 70-90% . Expected ROI is less than 24 months for Indian installations.

4. Space – Save almost 50% of space compared to traditional pot washing method and which also have huge impact on cost. Additional space can be used for storage area or any other purpose.

This machine is being used in Indian kitchens and can wash almost all type of utensils like , Kadhai, Handi, GN Pans, Baking Trays, buggy bins, vessels, American plates, etc. 

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